Fouda, The Spy, The Angel, and so forth provide reproductions of the Israeli world view, constantly framing occupation as a necessary truth quite than a deliberate political selection. What a Norwegian TV sequence can tell us about the occupation of Palestine. The police forces in America, the self-described thin blue line between order and calamity, occupy a curious place come Election 2020. Four quarters of soccer occupy a few hours of the affair, but for many fans, the rivalry has deep ties to all these ancillary actions. These had been Quaker businessmen who had cohabitated, if you’ll, with the British while they were occupying Philadelphia.

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Still, nobody would have expected the best defensive team in England to occupy area on the objectives-against table subsequent to a few teams that played within the second-tier league earlier this year. NEVs presently occupy round 5% of China’s market, which nonetheless makes China the world’s No. Find out which phrases work collectively and produce more pure sounding English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app.

The Meaning Of Occupation

The verb occupy dates again to the 14th century, its origins in Latin occupare meaning ‘seize’. Interestingly, through the 16th and seventeenth century it was used as a euphemism for ‘have sexual relations with’, causing it to fall out of common utilization till the late 18th century. The source of the -i- in Anglo-French occupier and Middle English occupien, retained in Modern English, is unclear, as continental French has solely occuper. When the socially unacceptable sense fell out of circulation occupy once more grew to become a typically used word. Oslo accordsas a cover for further Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

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Dictionary apps Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you might be by no means again lost for words. The Trump administration has nodded its acceptance of the Israeli annexation plans additional undermining the worldwide legal regime and efforts to find a lasting peaceable resolution. Meanwhile, the EU has issued weak condemnations of Israel’s actions however offered no credible risk of action to discourage the occupying energy. The series doesn’t clearly answer the question of how a lot violence is justified in fighting an occupier or whether or not financial advantages and the avoidance of violence under occupation are higher than war. On the face of it, Occupied has nothing to do with Palestine. It sits modestly on Netflix lists of political drama, between numerous productions that body occupation by way of an Israeli lens.

The query of when an occupation is actually an occupation weaves through the fascinating Netflix drama, the selection of title suggesting that its producers think those who name a rose by any other name are deluded. Subjugated, underneath the management of a international navy presence. This is the British English definition of occupy.View American English definition of occupy. Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app.

During World War II, Nazi forces invaded the country, regardless of its announced neutrality, and installed a puppet government led by Major Vidkun Quisling. The show is set in an imagined near future, when the United States has left NATO and the European Union has conspired with Russia to take over Norway’s oil and gasoline fields via army intervention. The sequence propels the viewer through head-spinning twists and turns as Norway grapples with army occupation and hurtles from one political disaster to a different. These words are spoken by a fictitious character of the Norwegian TV sequence Occupied.

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Infantry and cavalry approached the island, quite unsuspicious of its being occupied. At the hotel he found the bench outside occupied mainly by Jean. In this place, the line of cavalry fashioned the chord of the arc described by the river, and occupied by us. Inside two women screamed in entrance of a bed that occupied the middle of the room. The company moved into what was known as Bertha Island, and soon turn into synonymous with the land it occupied.

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